Bed and sofa vacuum cleaner DOMO DO234S - Anti Mites

Bed and sofa vacuum cleaner DOMO DO234S - Anti Mites

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Professional deep UV cleaning for all upholstery: removes dust mites, bacteria, dander and is extremely effective against allergens as well as skin, sleep and breathing problems

Ideal for mattresses, upholstered furniture, cushions and cushions, small rugs, dog or cat beds, etc.

3 functions:

PROFESSIONAL UV LIGHT: UV light has a sterilizing effect and kills 99.9% of all mites and bacteria thanks to UV light and a consistently high temperature of 60°C

BEAT: with a high frequency of 14,000 RPM, the motorized brush beats dirt buried even in the lowest textile layers, it can also be removed for easier cleaning

VACUUM: high suction power thanks to the high-precision motor that also guarantees more comfort due to its silent and anti-vibration operation

Advanced cyclone technology with efficient filter separation system for constant suction power and low maintenance

0.5 L transparent dust container - can be emptied hygienically and is removable and washable

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