Raclette Grill Camry CR_6606 (1200w)

Raclette Grill Camry CR_6606 (1200w)

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On the hotplate you can grill:

meat: bacon slices, beef and pork, chicken breast, chicken liver

vegetables: courgette, pepper, mushrooms

dishes: burgers, kebabs, sausages, black pudding and others

In small pans, you can make: mini omelettes, egg gratin with mushrooms, peppers and mushrooms covered with brie cheese, mozzarella and others

Removable heating plate makes cleaning easy

Hot plate and pans coated with non-stick coating

Heating plate diameter: 25.0 cm

6 small pans with non-heating handles

Stable construction

Non-slip feet

Easy to clean

Power cord: 70 cm, black

Device color: black

Plug type: E/F type

Product dimensions: 25.0 x 25.0 x 11.3 cm

Maximum power: 1200W

Rated power: 800W

Power: 220-240V ~50/60Hz

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